Alexander Graham Bell Where Are You When We Need You?

Alexander Graham Bell Where Are You When We Need You?

Every year, the Director of the Patent Office produces an Annual Goals document. A recurring goal is for Patent Office employees to be more responsive to inventors by returning their phone calls. Evidently this has been a problem for many, many years.

Between July 11 and October 28, 2003, I made over 100 phone calls to the Patent Office’s Freedom of Information Officer asking him to please return a call. His name is Mike Briskin. He didn’t return a single call – and admitted it in court documents!

It’s pathetic that Patent Office employees treat inventors this way. And even more pathetic is that the Patent Office managers lets their employees get away with it.

If Briskin’s arrogant behavior had occurred in private industry, he would have been fired on the spot. But at the Patent Office, it was business as usual with its wink-wink / nudge-nudge “inventor be damned” attitude.

Actually, it turns out that very recently Briskin was fired and/or moved on to the General Counsel’s Office at the Dep’t of the Treasury. So we’re not rid of him yet!

Alexandra Hoffman

Alexandra Hoffman is a licensed lawyer who is specialized in bankruptcy and foreclosure in the USA. She has a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and honors JD from New York University Law School. She has gained extensive experience by practicing in leading American law companies.

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