Goofing-off at the Department of Justice!

Goofing-off at the Department of Justice!

In April of 2004, one of the visitors to my website was “” – which is the United States Department of Justice. They visited the site three times, looked at 31 different files and downloaded 13,001,000 bytes of data!

I decided to find out exactly who “” was at the Dept of Justice. So I let Google do a search on it. Oh my! That address seems to be like a big brother is watching you host. It goes looking at any web-site that questions the behavior of the federal government.

But the two Google finds that are gems are:

… DOING ABSOLUTELY NO WORK! I LOVE IT. Received from ( on Thursday 14th of August 2003 07:41:27 am …


Guestbook … 164), Wayne. Location: hookin it up! 9-9-2003 06:39 PM Host: Write a comment. for hot anal sex call (619) 254-8700. And i’m out! Comments: Name: …

It looks like Dept of Justice employees have too much time on their hands! And these “goody two shoes” are the ones who look for individuals who have downloaded pornography from the internet. What hypocrites!

The local Assistant U.S. Attorney (Warren Zimmerman) is always moaning and groaning about how he’s soooo overworked. But judging by the comments of these other two Dept of Justice employees, I’m starting to wonder if he’s telling the truth. It wouldn’t be the first time that he’s lied to me.

Recently I made a Freedom of Information Act request to the Patent Office and included a lot of server statistics to show that people do visit my site for information and therefore any fees should be waived. The above two Google finds were included along with a number of others for the “amusement” of the FOIA staff. They weren’t amused!

The request was returned unprocessed accompanied by a letter from William R. Covey, Associate Counsel, noting that these Google finds of goofing-off at the Justice Department were “insensitive and offensive.” It was the tone of his letter that encouraged me to create this particular page. But can you believe this kind of language coming from a federal employee whose ex-boss was Bill Clinton!

Of course, you do have to feel sorry for government lawyers. After all, it seems like most of them are law school graduates who just weren’t good enough to find a job with a private firm – so they went with the employer of last resort!

Alexandra Hoffman

Alexandra Hoffman is a licensed lawyer who is specialized in bankruptcy and foreclosure in the USA. She has a BA in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and honors JD from New York University Law School. She has gained extensive experience by practicing in leading American law companies.

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