Alexsam, Inc. v. Mastercard Int’l Inc. — Case Closed

On October 5, 2020, United States District Judge I. Leo Glasser (E.D.N.Y.) denied plaintiff Alexsam, Inc.’s (“Alexsam”) motion for reconsideration of the court’s June 17, 2020 summary judgment ruling. Alexsam sued defendant Mastercard International Inc. in May 2015, alleging that Mastercard failed to pay royalties owed under a 2005 patent license agreement. The company procedure […]

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IP Management: History and Future

IP management is a “new-born” discipline. Traditionally, IP departments were under the oversight of General Counsel. Therefore, their role has been characterized from the risk management perspective. ‘Assist the business stick out of trouble and your occupation requirements were fulfilled’ says one legal practitioner that wants to remain anonymous. Patents were used to construct fences […]

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